About Process

Step 01. Data Registration (confined to FPT)
Step 02. Point Editing (Confined to FPT)
Step 03.  Import Inspection
Step 04. Test Condition Setting
Step 05. First Article Evaluation
Step 06. TEST
Step 07. Self-Inspection
Step 08. ITS Data gathering
Step 09. Outgoing Inspection /Delivery
Step 01. Warehousing of Products
Step 02. Checking Products
Step 03. Import Inspection
Step 04. Equipment Operation
Step 05. Data Operation
Step 06. Product Prossessing
Step 07. Microscopic Examination
Step 08. Hole Size Measurement
Step 09. Outgoing Inspection/Delivery
Step 01. Product Takeover
Step 02.Lot Card Check
Step 03.Import Inspection
Step 04.Lay-up Takeover
Step 05. Lay-up Implementation
Step 06. Hot Press Input/Operation
Step 07. Outgoing Inspection/Handover